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Car Maintenance Guide-Taboos to avoid when washing cars


Everyday car cleaning is not a matter of cleaning. There are many practical tips and precautions. The following Zhicheng Automobile car cleaning equipment manufacturers and car washing equipment experts will tell you about the taboos that need to be paid attention to when car cleaning.

Car wash under the scorching sun-injured car paint

Many car owners like to wash their cars under the scorching sun, thinking that the water on the body will be dried soon after washing. In fact, otherwise, the convex lens effect formed by the water droplets will cause local high temperature phenomenon in the upper layer of the car paint under the hot sun. After a long time, the car paint will lose its gloss. If waxing at this time, it is also easy to cause uneven body color. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out car washing and waxing under shaded conditions. If it is not guaranteed, it is recommended to choose on cloudy or sunny mornings and evenings.

Car washing is like bathing-damage to air conditioning

In summer, the temperature is high, the dust is large, the body is easy to get dirty, and the frequency of car washing is also rising. Many car owners also want to get as thorough as washing themselves when washing the car. It should be noted that the appearance of the car air conditioner must be kept dry. If the car air conditioner is accidentally wetted, it will affect its life.

Car washing equipment-need to be carefully selected

Due to long-term exposure to air, the paint surface of the car is easily damaged. Therefore, car washing equipment and car washing tools must not be used, such as plastic brushes, ordinary towels or coarse cloth.

When cleaning the body, use a soft and clean sponge to scrub, because the body generally has hard dust and mud, if directly washed with high-pressure water flow, it is tantamount to let the dust particles do "friction movement" on the surface of the car paint. When wiping the glass window, you need to use a special glass cleaner, and at the same time wipe it with a clean towel, not dry. When you need to clean the oil stains, use a sponge dipped in kerosene or gasoline to gently wipe it; when you wipe the steering wheel, lamps and other plastic and rubber parts, you can only use ordinary soapy water to clean, and you cannot use organic solvents such as gasoline, stain remover and thinner Wait.

Water temperature of car wash

It is often commendable for car owners to want to clean their car before returning home after finishing a day ’s journey. However, the approach is wrong. Because after a period of driving, the engine, chassis and various rotating systems are in a high temperature state, especially in the hot summer. At this time, washing the body with cold water is tantamount to letting a person who has completed a vigorous exercise drink a lot of cold water. The irritation is conceivable. In severe cases, it will burst.

In addition, even if you want to clean a car that has not been driving for a long time, if the body has been exposed to sunlight for a certain period of time, immediately wash the car with cold water. The characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction are also likely to cause the aging of the car paint. In winter car washing, you should pay more attention to the water temperature. Try to use warm water to wash the car. This will not only ensure the cleaning quality of the vehicle, but also effectively protect the car paint.

Water flow of car washing-with skill

From the appearance, car washing is just a simple manual labor, there seems to be no skills, but the water flow of car washing is very particular. A professional car wash shop will never spray with a high-pressure water gun as soon as it comes up. Generally, a small stream of water slowly flows from the top to the bottom to take away the dust particles on the car. If you use a high-pressure water gun at the beginning, it is equivalent to let the dust particles do "friction movement" on the surface of the car paint.

Sometimes, in order to save trouble, car owners often wash cars in roadside shops. Those who carry a bucket to wash the car, if you look closely, you will find that there is a lot of sand in their bucket, which is no different from wiping the car with sandpaper. Some towels used in car wash shops were also eliminated by the hotel. Such towels look very new and white, but in fact they are very rough, which is also harmful to the car.

The choice of car detergent-very important

The most fundamental purpose of car washing is to remove stains from cars. The choice of car detergents is too particular. At present, car wash detergents used in car wash shops can be basically divided into three types: washing powder, detergent, and special car wash.

Washing powder has low cost and quick results. Some car wash shops use washing powder to wash cars. Washing powder is an alkaline detergent, which causes great damage to car paint. If you wash your car with washing powder for a long time, the surface of the car will gradually lose its gloss. Moreover, the corrosion of the washing powder on the car paint is difficult to see in a short period of time, so many car owners do not know how powerful it is.

There are also car wash shops that use detergent to wash cars. Shopkeepers generally buy large buckets of detergent similar to those used in the catering industry. Although such detergents are only a few tens of yuan cheaper than special car wash, they are still widely used for car washing. Shop use. Dishwashing liquid is also an alkaline detergent, and long-term use will also cause damage to the paint surface of the body, making the paint surface of the body tarnished.

A car beauty shop owner said: "The car wash liquid for car washing equipment is neutral and will not damage the car paint. The price is slightly more expensive than the detergent. Now the water fee is getting more and more expensive, and the profit of car washing is also increasing. The lower, so the store is doing everything possible to reduce costs. "The boss also revealed a distinguishing trick is to look at the hands of the car washer when washing the car. If the hand of the car washer goes white, it proves that he has been washing the car with alkaline detergent for a long time.洗车设备


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