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Car maintenance experts remind that self-check table for regular maintenance items


Zhicheng Automobile reminds the major car owners that the regular maintenance items of the car mileage need to be self-checked. Most domestic models have a regular maintenance cycle of 5,000 kilometers or 10,000 kilometers after the new car is maintained for 1,000 kilometers. The owner remembers what to maintain regularly. The traditional maintenance table just tells you when to replace the maintenance according to the specific items. Specific maintenance self-check table, the owner can check the content that needs to be replaced and maintained according to the mileage he travels.

5,000 highway car maintenance items:

Every 5000 kilometers (or 3 months) oil + oil filter

Every 5,000 km, semi-synthetic oil replacement (the filter changes the oil every time)

Replace the battery every 5,000 kilometers (or one year)

Every 5,000 km regular inspection tires

Every 5,000 kilometers

Standard belts are inspected every 5,000 kilometers

Brake system cleaning every 5,000 kilometers

Every 5,000 kilometers

Chassis system for regular inspection every 5,000 kilometers

Regular inspection (or two to three years) every 5,000 kilometers

10,000 highway car maintenance items:

Every 10,000 kilometers (or half a year): oil + oil filter + air filter

Every 1.000km Total synthesis replacement

Every 10,000 kilometers, the direction of oil circulation is changed

Every 10,000 kilometers of gasoline filter

Every 1,000 kilometers, replace the ordinary Mars plug

Replace air filter every 10,000 ~ 20,000 kilometers

20,000 highway car maintenance items:

Every 20,000 kilometers (or one year): 10,000 kilometers maintenance items + gasoline filter + water tank coolant + automatic transmission + brake oil replacement equipment for brake oil replacement + gear oil

Every 20,000 kilometers (or one year): automatic gearshift oil

Every 20,000 kilometers (or one year): gear oil

Every 20,000 kilometers (or one year): brake fluid

Every 20,000 kilometers (or one year): Synthetic lubricant for cleaning equipment of the lubrication system is changed once

Every 20,000 kilometers (or one year): water tank fine

Every 20,000 kilometers of combustion chamber cleaning equipment to clean the combustion chamber

Standard one year time to add frozen (medium) olein

Maintenance items above 30,000 highways:

Every 30000 kilometers, replace the platinum spark plug

Every 40,000 kilometers (or two years): 20000 kilometers maintenance items + power oil + battery + spark plug + gear oil

Every 80,000 kilometers, replace the fuel injection nozzle

Replace the timing belt every 80,000 kilometers


The above maintenance items are just regular suggestions. Due to the different driving environment of each car, many parts are in a very different state of high-temperature, high-speed, dusty, bumpy roads and other operating environments; may cause the maintenance time to increase or decrease, which requires the owner to pay more attention Check, adjust or replace your vehicle in a timely manner.刹车油更换设备


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