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Experts explain the cleaning and maintenance equipment of the intake and exhaust of the fuel injection nozzle: behind the abnormal color of the car exhaust的故障原因


Normal car exhaust Exhaust should be colorless and odorless, and the exhaust of cars with different colors and different flavors is likely to indicate that the vehicle itself is facing some failures. Zhicheng Automobile, the manufacturer of fuel injection nozzles for intake and exhaust cleaning and maintenance equipment, and smart car cleaning equipment, will explain to you the possible causes of automobile failures behind different colors of automobile exhaust.

1. Smoky

Performance: The engine trembles, an abnormal sound is emitted from the exhaust pipe of the car, and the black smoke body is discharged at the same time, feeling weak when accelerating.

The reason for the analysis of the manufacturer of the cleaning and maintenance equipment for the intake and exhaust of the fuel injection nozzle:

1). The fuel injection volume is too large, the main reasons are that the fuel injection nozzle is stuck in the open position, the fuel injection nozzle leaks, the coolant temperature sensor signal is misaligned, the air flow meter is dirty, and the pressure sensor signal of the manifold is misaligned. Damaged fuel pressure regulator, etc.

2). The ignition system is not working well, such as the spark plug is not working, the high voltage line is damaged, the ignition coil is faulty, etc.

3). Insufficient compression of the cylinder, the fuel entering the cylinder cannot be completely burned.

4). If the carburetor car emits black smoke, the reason is more complicated. For example, during cold start, the spark plug does not work well. It takes half a day for the motor to start. In this way, the mixed gas in the cylinder cannot be completely burned and naturally black smoke will be emitted; Black smoke is generated, or the carburetor air mixing pipe is blocked.

Carburetor cars are basically old now. Car fuel injector cleaning machines should always check the aging degree of carburetor and other parts. Carburetor cars are different from EFI cars and must be maintained and adjusted frequently. To develop good car habits. The electric fuel injection vehicle should check the cylinder line every 30,000 kilometers and the spark plug every 10,000 kilometers. If there is any problem, it should be replaced in time.

Second, white smoke

Performance: When driving, a large amount of white water vapor from the exhaust of the car can be seen and the engine is not running smoothly. Even if the engine is warmed up to the normal working water temperature, a large amount of water vapor will still be emitted (except in winter).

Reason: The white smoke may be caused by the ablation of the cylinder head gasket of the engine cylinder, or the leakage of the intake manifold water channel causes the water in the cooling system to enter the combustion chamber. Water cannot be burned, and steam is generated after being heated, which is directly discharged from the exhaust pipe.

In winter and spring, a small amount of white exhaust gas will be emitted during hot and humid weather. This is a normal phenomenon of cold and heat exchange. The white smoke naturally disappears after the hot car.

Three, blue smoke

Performance: The initial engine power is inexplicably large. After a period of time, the explosive power of the vehicle decreases, the acceleration is weak, the noise becomes louder, the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke, and it is accompanied by the scorched smell of organic oil combustion. By checking the oil gauge, you will also find that the oil consumption is large. Under normal circumstances, after every maintenance, after 5000 kilometers of driving, the oil consumption should be within the normal range, and there is no need to replenish it halfway.

Reason: Blue smoke is mostly caused by internal engine failure, which causes oil to enter the combustion chamber and burn. There are several common conditions:

1). Wear.

Scratches on the inner wall of the cylinder, poor piston seals, or severe wear on the valve stem will produce gaps, and the oil that was originally responsible for lubrication will now enter the combustion chamber through these gaps to participate in the combustion, and the unburnable oil is generated when it is discharged outside the vehicle. Blue smoke.

2). Excessive filling of engine oil can also easily cause engine oil burning.

Some car owners mistakenly believe that the more oil is added, the better, but it is not known that excessive oil will also be brought into the cylinder for combustion, resulting in the phenomenon of burning oil. Excessive oil filling will also block the normal operation of the crank arm, allowing it to do extra work and increase energy consumption.

3). The valve oil seal is aging and loses its sealing function.

4). The piston rings are bonded and the sealing function is lost.

It is worth mentioning that many repairmen think that burning oil is due to damage to the oil ring, but it is not. The function of the oil ring is mainly to scrape and lubricate the cylinder wall. It is the air ring that really scrapes off the oil on the cylinder wall, especially the di air ring. This is why experienced repairmen often change the shape of the gas ring cross section and change the ordinary ring into a twisted ring when dealing with engines that still burn oil after overhaul.

By the way, the twisted ring is better for sealing oil inside the piston ring. Method: For older vehicles, check the tightness of cylinders, pistons and other parts frequently. If blue smoke is found, it should be repaired in time to prevent greater loss; the amount of engine oil should be added in an appropriate amount. Too much or too little is not desirable ; Regularly check the use of engine oil. Once abnormal oil consumption is found, go to a professional repair station for inspection immediately.



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