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Three taboos and improvements for car maintenance service shops


What are the taboos of car maintenance service stores? The following car maintenance equipment manufacturer Zhicheng Automobile provides a few notes for the operators of car maintenance service chain stores:

di 1. Avoid the tall image that deviates from the actual needs

Tall is just to meet the face, if you do not carefully study the local consumer habits and competitive markets, it will only increase the cost in vain.

Earning money is not only targeting high-end car owners, Samsung mobile phones are considered high-end, but they are used like ordinary wages. When your store image and service information can not match the consumption level, the owner will not pay for your luxury.

Therefore, you should be positioned for value needs, not customer identity.

Second, don't be greedy for high operating profits

Car maintenance equipment car wash attracts customers, project development profits, this is the norm. Are you smart? What you do is not a master.

The high profit of the project may be misled by the manufacturer, thinking that there is income in the calculation. However, once or twice a month, there is no amount, and the profit will eventually be avoided.

Obviously, it is the right way to lower the price properly, and the craft materials will be charged. However, most of them are bundled with packages, and make a 40% or 40% discount, thinking that it is cheaper for the owner, which is simply money greed.

Third, upgrading is not a life-saving recipe

The entire store upgrade is often not the active improvement of the terminal, but the manufacturer's market "lobbying" program. The hardware and image of the entire store have been upgraded, but the software is not synchronized, and it will only make a cry. If it is not good, it will become the manufacturer's store and the brand's franchise store. What you should do is "your site, you are the master"-all projects should meet your business positioning.

How to improve?

di 1. Profit is not the accumulation of office operating figures, but a profit system.

The financial statements and operating reports are messy, not to mention, even if there is a clear summary of the figures, the company's profits are by no means "I want", but a set of systems to ensure profit, including operating systems, financial systems, including business Development, cost control, increase and decrease of profit points, etc.

This should be the case for large and small shops, so simple, so-called grabbing big and letting go small. This is the core business logic.

Second, marketing is not just about sales promotion and advertising layout in the store, but to visualize the accurate delivery of car maintenance equipment upgrades, image and word of mouth.

I am a car wash stall, a beauty shop, I am a ternary catalytic regeneration or automobile exhaust gas treatment professional store, and I am a comprehensive large store, which is already an invalid marketing. There are too many deficiencies in this area, too many gourds, and some are the messy accumulation of project advertisements.

This smart car maintenance equipment improvement is actually not difficult. Understand the positioning and profit system, and expand the layout around it. Understand more-some are fixed (projects, layout, advertisements, etc.), some can be adjusted at any time.

When going out to publicize, we must first understand who we are? Why should you consume? Blind propaganda sometimes helps.

Third, create a good corporate culture and appropriate salary growth to retain people

Difficult to recruit, difficult to retain, what to do? How to usually improve, such as salary increase, accommodation and meals, increase commission, etc., this is obviously conventional thinking. The boss often says he is tired because he likes to be a political commissar. Some results, but it seems not big, because you can not satisfy the appetite of the young employees.

Therefore, by manipulating yourself and designing a talent reengineering system, the loss of employees can also keep the team intact. The core of which is to keep people in feelings and careers, create a good corporate culture and team, make employees feel a sense of belonging, and at the same time stimulate employees' career progress, salary growth is a constant topic.

Fourth, foresight should start building a branch model

Opening a few more stores is a big deal, because he doesn't understand the branch mode, thinking he can open the store if he earns money.

Building a branch model is not easy, but you will not mean that others do not understand. One of the main points is the thrashing of the "future store manager", and also the incarnation of the future boss --- the little boss.

The growth trajectory is: project supervisor --- rotation --- boss assistant (store manager assistant) --- boss replaces.

However, if the boss also serves as the store manager, he must first distinguish which words and deeds he is the boss or the store manager, otherwise, the store manager is too lacking in sense of direction.

Fifth, the incentive size is appropriate

If you should give it, you can't be a miser, you shouldn't give it to you. Unfortunately, due to insensitivity to financial figures and lack of proficiency in the project operation itself, this aspect often turns upside down, fully demonstrating the boss's subjective will.

Sixth, expand the mind to use the personality of subordinates

The boss likes obedient subordinates. This is human nature, but not professional. As long as you take on the role of store manager, you will have everything to do.

Loyalty, the boss likes it, but he can't bring performance, he just "does things", not "does things". Hiring talented people as loyal employees is purely confused.



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