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Automobile combustion chamber intelligent cleaning equipment manufacturers teach you to distinguish whether the car "burns engine oil"?


Many friends, because they didn't pay attention to the problem of burning motor oil, caused the overhaul of the car engine. In fact, many cars have more or less burning oil. As long as we pay proper attention to car maintenance and the intelligent cleaning of the combustion chamber is regularly cleaned, this kind of thing will not happen.

First add a little knowledge, why burning engine oil will seriously damage the engine! This is because if the car burns oil seriously, it may cause insufficient lubrication of the engine, causing damage to the engine that is very difficult to repair or even scrapping, resulting in engine overhaul and even hidden dangers. But for our ordinary car owners, it is especially important to learn how to distinguish whether the car has "burning oil" in daily life.

The following combustion chamber intelligent cleaning equipment manufacturer-Zhicheng Automobile, provides you with several methods to distinguish whether the car burns engine oil.

◎ Identification method

Whether the car is "burning engine oil" can mainly be distinguished from the following two phenomena:

Phenomenon 1: Blue exhaust gas-The main performance of burning engine oil is the exhaust of blue exhaust gas while driving, which means that too much engine oil enters the combustion chamber to participate in combustion.

Phenomenon 2: Fuel consumption is too fast-The oil dipstick detects that the oil consumption is too fast.

Detection method:

After the cold car starts in the early morning, check whether the exhaust pipe will emit blue smoke. When the vehicle is driving or slam on the throttle, whether there is a large amount of blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. Blue smoke.

◎ Maintenance tips

Engine oil is very important to protect the engine, and there are many reasons for the "burning of engine oil", including: volatile oil, engine break-in, engine type, etc. may cause the engine to "burn engine oil", but through the fuel system cleaning machine to strengthen the Daily maintenance can reduce and avoid this risk. So, what maintenance tips should be paid attention to?

1. Develop good inspection habits

The oil should be checked regularly according to different conditions of use, road conditions, regular routine and routine maintenance. If the oil level exceeds the lower limit, it should be added in time. For vehicles with a long service life and long mileage and often used under severe conditions, the frequency of inspections should be increased accordingly. In this way, even if the vehicle "burns engine oil", it can achieve "early detection and early treatment", reducing maintenance costs.

2. Use better quality gasoline

Additives in gasoline are oxidized to produce gelatinous materials. After entering the combustion chamber through the fuel injection nozzle, they will form carbon deposits on the intake valve, piston top, piston ring groove, combustion chamber, spark plug, etc. The aging caused "burning engine oil". Therefore, the use of better quality gasoline can reduce the phenomenon of "burning engine oil".

3. Purchase daily maintenance products, regularly maintain the vehicle DIY cleaning engine

Although the use of good gasoline can help reduce the "burning of engine oil", because China's fuel quality is generally poor and contains substances such as manganese and sulfur, so the carbon deposits and impurities in the general engine, every 2 months or 2000 kilometers There is a certain amount of existence, so the owner can purchase some DIY engine cleaning products through formal channels. These products can be directly added to the gasoline tank for use, which has a certain effect on the daily cleaning and protection of the engine. It has a star-improving effect on the phenomenon of burning engine oil due to the large amount of impurity deposits in the engine. Of course, Zhicheng Automobile is a well-known automobile maintenance product manufacturer and engine cleaning expert in the industry. The three-way catalytic regeneration expert also has products in this area. You can call for consultation.

In addition, it should be emphasized that the maintenance cycle of the vehicle is based on the normal driving conditions of the car. Vehicles with poor service conditions should be shortened according to the actual situation and the required number of kilometers, and use unique car maintenance products to maintain.

4. Choose a better quality oil

Motor oil should try to choose well-known brands or regular brands. If conditions permit, it is better to use fully synthetic motor oil. High-quality motor oil, combined with car washing machine, not only has good cleaning performance, fluidity, but also reduces the wear of sludge and carbon deposits to a greater extent, thereby reducing the occurrence of "burning motor oil", and also has a better The stability makes the oil maintain an appropriate viscosity level under the high temperature and high speed of the engine to ensure an effective seal and reduce oil consumption.



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