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Research on Marketing Strategy of Automobile Beauty Equipment Manufacturers


The growth process of the automobile maintenance products and automobile maintenance equipment industry is almost synchronized with the development of the automobile, and it has gradually emerged as the automobile industry matured in the 1950s. In China, with the continuous increase in car sales, the car care products market has also developed significantly, but there is still a big gap compared with developed countries. Auto beauty equipment manufacturers, how to expand car care products marketing channels become an industry Issues worth discussing.

 1. Market status and prospect analysis of automobile maintenance products and automobile maintenance equipment

1. Market status of automobile maintenance products and automobile maintenance equipment

(1) There are many automobile maintenance manufacturers, and their strengths are very different. Many businesses have seen the huge potential of car care products in the Chinese market, and they have caused various businesses to surge, ranging from international giants to small private workshops.

(2) There are many types of products, and the three-way cleaning and reducing machine has everything from three-way catalytic regeneration to cleaning agent in the combustion chamber, so that customers have no choice. There are at least several thousand kinds of products for car maintenance in the market, but there are many fish-eye mixed ones. Many products not only have no maintenance effect on the car after use, but also cause damage.

(3) The owner's car maintenance knowledge is poor. The introduction, development and use of car maintenance products in China are just a matter of recent years. Most Chinese car owners have just bought a car, and they do n’t know much about maintenance knowledge. Car cleaning equipment is facing a variety of cars in car repair shops. The products and concepts of maintenance, as well as beauty service shops, car paint care, interior disinfection and maintenance and other beauty items, I do not know how to distinguish them. Consumers would rather trust those reputable care shops.

(4) Industry management is not standardized and disorderly competition. China's relevant laws and regulations on the market of automobile maintenance products are not perfect. On the one hand, many merchants wantonly exaggerate or even fabricate the functions of products for the purpose of market promotion, creating many new concepts and new technologies. On the other hand, the industry has disordered competition and lacks the rules and restrictions of rules.

(5) Small scale and uneven level Automobile maintenance stores are generally small in scale. Even if some businesses are large in scale, they are converted from auto stores and auto repair shops, resulting in uneven professional standards in the maintenance market.

2. Development prospects of the automotive maintenance products market

According to experts who research the automotive aftermarket, a dollar invested in the automobile manufacturing industry will drive after-sale consumption of 24-34 yuan, and the cost of a mid-range car used for decoration and beauty can reach 5,000-6,000 yuan per year. According to an authoritative domestic survey company, more than 60% of private high-end car owners across the country have the habit of doing external beauty care for cars. More than 30% of private low-end car owners have also begun to form the concept of car beauty care. More than 10% of private car owners are willing to perform car beauty and maintenance on their own while mastering basic technology. More than 30% of public high-end cars also regularly carry out external beauty maintenance. According to foreign data, the auto beauty maintenance industry accounts for more than 80% of the entire automotive repair industry. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of Chinese civilian cars in 2000 was 16.0891 million; the number of Chinese civilian cars in 2004 was 26.937 million; at present, it has already exceeded 30 million and is still on the upward trend. The average consumption of cosmetics is 5,500 yuan, and 30 million will reach 165 billion yuan. The broad market and rich profits attract many international and domestic merchants to enter this industry. For merchants to establish and develop in this industry, the establishment of marketing channels is very important.

2. Research on marketing channels of automobile maintenance products

Marketing channels are a set of interdependent organizations that promote the smooth use or consumption of products or services. In a market economy, the vast majority of manufacturing companies do not sell their products directly to end users. There are a large number of intermediaries between enterprises and users. The purpose of using intermediaries is that they can more effectively promote the wide range of commodities. Enter the target market. Insiders pointed out: A distribution system ... is a critical external resource. His establishment usually takes several years and is not easily changeable. It is no less important than other key knowledge of internal resources, such as manufacturing, research, engineering, and regional sales personnel and auxiliary equipment, etc. For a large number of companies engaged in distribution activities and the specific market they serve, the distribution system represents an important commitment. At the same time, it also represents a series of policies and practices that constitute this basic organization. Commitment, these policies and practices are compiled into a huge long-term relationship network. For a large number of companies engaged in distribution activities and the specific market they serve, the distribution system represents an important corporate commitment. At the same time, it also represents the commitment of a series of policies and practices that constitute this basic organization, and these policies and practices are woven into a huge long-term relationship network. Marketing channel strategies mainly include: first, channel design decisions, and second, channel management decisions. With the right marketing channels, products can be provided to consumers in a timely, economical, appropriate, and convenient manner. While satisfying the demand, the company ’s product sales can be expanded, the company ’s capital turnover can be accelerated, and the company ’s circulation costs can be saved and improved The economic benefits of the enterprise.

1. Automobile maintenance product marketing channel design

According to the requirements of economy, controllability and applicability, the design of sales channels of automobile maintenance products can generally adopt secondary channels, which includes two intermediate institutions. Can be sold to retailers through wholesalers, such as through wholesalers (distributors) to car maintenance stores. In some cities with a large number of cars, a first-level channel can also be used, which includes an intermediate agency. For example, the company's car maintenance products and car cleaning equipment are directly sold to 4S stores, car maintenance points and other units. When the manufacturer has a certain scale and strength, it can also establish its own brand of chain stores, specializing in using its own brand of maintenance products to expand the company's reputation and popularity of maintenance products.

2. Marketing channel management of automobile maintenance products

After establishing a channel, automobile maintenance product manufacturers should also strengthen the management of the channel. A dedicated person should be responsible for the selection, training, incentives and evaluation of each intermediary. In addition, the channel must be adjusted in due course . As a car maintenance product manufacturer, after choosing a middleman, they should also strengthen their management and train their partners to let them master the characteristics of the company's maintenance products and better serve consumers.

3. Case analysis and enlightenment of automobile maintenance product marketing channels

A car maintenance company in the United States is a company specializing in the production and sale of lubricants and car care products. The company (hereinafter referred to as S company) has a history of more than 100 years. It is headquartered in the United States and has more than 20 brands and 1300 A variety of products, its brand awareness and sales performance are among the best in North America, and it is a supplier of automotive maintenance products in North America. He started investing in China in early 2001, and successively established a representative office in Shanghai and a warehouse in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, selling lubricants and car care products imported from the United States in the Chinese market (including Hong Kong) through Chinese local distributors. S company's target market is to walk the product through multiple channels through more than forty dealers across the country: auto repair shops, auto beauty decoration shops, fast repair shops, gas stations, spare parts wholesale markets, 4S stations.

1. Channel decision

Focus on the development of 10 dealers, retail channels are mainly 4S stations, strengthen channel management. Combining product conditions, market conditions and the company's own conditions, S Company adopts an indirect sales channel structure with short, narrow and few intermediate links, and adopts secondary channels. The following strategies are adopted in the channel strategy:

(1) Select 10 key distributors. According to the operating capacity of the company's existing dealers and the market potential of the region, the following ten dealers are the company's key dealers in 2005: South China: Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen; East China: Shanghai, Hangzhou (Zhejiang) , Nanjing (Jiangsu Province); North China: Beijing, Shijiazhuang (Hebei); Southwest: Chengdu (Sichuan), Kunming (Yunnan). They all meet the following requirements: Dealers attach importance to the car care products business and are willing to invest in their operations; second, they are familiar with the care products market and have a certain retail relationship network. Each dealer has at least 10 sales personnel and strong sales ability; Thirdly, distributors and their sales teams can implement the marketing plan in accordance with the company's guidance strategy, and jointly observe the signing of the contract.

(2) Focus on the development and management of 10 key distributors and strengthen channel management. Company S will focus on supporting the above ten dealers to develop the market potential in its area with limited resources. The company has 4 sales managers, each of whom is responsible for one area. Due to the limited sales staff, it is difficult for the company's sales staff to do the work To each retail channel below the dealer, in order to strengthen the channel management of dealers and retailers, the company hires 2 to 3 KAD for each dealer, the cost is paid by the company, subject to the management of the company's sales manager, KAD's main The task is to assist dealers in developing and maintaining key customers. This increased the company's sales staff in disguise and strengthened management of the channel.

(3) Other non-key dealers only provide the most basic promotional materials in the near future, and at the same time look for more suitable new dealers. Due to the limited capabilities of the distributor or the market potential in the area, coupled with the company's limited marketing resources and sales staff, the company's marketing support is limited to product promotional materials (catalogs, posters, leaflets), display shelves, training materials CD . At the same time, it is also necessary to find a more suitable dealer, and once there is a suitable opportunity, they will also try.

2. 4S stores as the main retail channel

The company's strategy for the number of retailers is to adopt selective sales. Distributors select a certain number of retailers to sell products in a specific market, and most of them establish distribution relationships in the form of consignment sales. The company mainly promotes additive products. The most promising market is the 4S shop. The reasons are as follows:

(1) The results of market research show that consumers are close to the channel when buying additive products: consumers are more inclined to buy from reputable service stores. Buy or use other beauty products, perfumes and Yuzhongbao, most of them in beauty shops and auto repair shops; few consumers choose to buy in retail stores such as hypermarkets and gas stations.

(2) Consumers highly trust automobile 4S stores as an automobile operation method integrating vehicle sales, spare parts supply, after-sales service, and information feedback. It has been rising in China since 1999. Until now, buying a car in a 4S shop has become synonymous with enjoying high-quality services.

(3) Huge target customer gathering area. With the development of the automobile market, the number of 4S stores has also risen sharply. In cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the number of 4S stations in each city is around 300, and the number of 4S stores in Hangzhou also exceeds 200. And the number is still rising, the average monthly car ownership of each 4S shop is between 1,000 and 2,000.

(4) The after-sales service market has great potential. The 4S shop has a 2 to 3 year repair warranty for the new cars sold, and many cars will still choose to go to the 4S shop for regular maintenance even after the warranty period has passed.



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