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Car maintenance equipment manufacturers remind the car to stop driving for a long time, special maintenance needs to be done护


How long is it harmful to stop the car

How long does the car stop harming the life of the car? This view differs at home and abroad. Americans think that a car is not called a "parking car" if it is not used within a week. There are generally two opinions in our country, one is that 15 days do not need to be called "parking"; the other is that it is not called "parking" after 3 months. According to professional car maintenance equipment manufacturers, long-term parking will cause engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, electrolyte oxidative deterioration, tire and rim deformation, as well as unexpected problems such as pests and rats, so try not to stop the car for a long time Drive.

What are the hazards of stopping a car

1. The aging oil seal vehicle stops driving, the contact force around the oil seal is always uneven. The greater the direction of the force, the greater the oil seal variable; the longer the vehicle is stopped, the more difficult it is to recover the variable until the oil seal is deformed, which is very easy to leak oil.

2. Engine oil oxidation and corrosion of machine parts will stop for a long time, and the phenomenon of engine oil oxidation will be very serious. After the engine oil is oxidized, the lubricating effect will become very poor, and some acidic substances will also cause corrosion to the machine parts. The longer the vehicle stops, the worse the deterioration. When the engine is started again, dry friction or semi-dry friction will form between the cylinder and the piston, which accelerates the wear of the parts, and the starting resistance is greatly increased, causing difficulty in starting.

3. The battery is scrapped ahead of time. Nowadays, lead-acid batteries are generally used in cars, which is characterized by self-discharge once the car stops. Under normal conditions, the self-discharge of the battery every day and night can reduce the capacity by more than 1%. Especially serious is that after long-term self-discharge of the battery, sulfide is generated on the surface of the electrode plate, which affects the effect of recharging the battery and eventually leads to the battery being scrapped in advance.

4. Tire deformation After the car stops, the weight of the car is borne by the parts where the four tires contact the ground, which causes the contact parts to be compressed and deformed. The longer the car is stopped, the more difficult it is to recover the deformed parts, which changes the weight distribution around the tire and the uneven rolling radius, causing the tire to be unbalanced. Once the car enters high-speed driving, body chatter will occur, which can accelerate the wear of the tires and also bring hidden dangers to driving safety.

5. Electronic component failure Electronic components and connectors on a car have a common feature, that is, they must be waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-proof, otherwise they will cause malfunctions. For electronic components or plug-in connectors of parked vehicles, the possibility of getting wet is greatly increased, and the longer the parked time, the higher the probability of failure. Maintenance measures during car stoppage

Now that everyone knows that there are so many hazards of long-term parking, it is necessary to avoid long-term parking. However, in some cases, some car owners have to stop their cars for a certain period of time. At this time, car maintenance equipment manufacturers recommend that they should do preventive work in advance and take necessary maintenance measures to keep them in good condition.

1. Car washing machine cleaning and finishing car

Before parking the car, the whole car should be cleaned and cleaned, and no mud stains should be left. The tire pressure should be adjusted to the upper limit, the fuel tank is filled with oil, and the entire vehicle circuit is closed. If the parking period is more than one month, not only the tire pressure should be adjusted to the upper limit, but also the vehicle should be moved several centimeters every other week to prevent the tire from compressing the ground due to a fixed position, which will cause deformation of the radiation wire at this location.

2. Drain antifreeze

Before stopping the car, all antifreeze in the cooling system should be drained off, the engine oil should be drained off, the pile head should be removed after the battery is fully charged, and it should be recharged regularly during the parking period.

3. Use a jack to frame the car

Before the car stops, use a firm jack to frame the car so that the tires and suspension components are no longer stressed.

4. Maintain ventilation in the garage

The garage where the vehicles are parked should be constantly ventilated to keep the relative humidity of the air below 70%. The parts prone to corrosion and the surface of the machine parts should be coated with engine oil, grease or wrapped with oil paper. The pores on each assembly mechanism should be sealed to prevent air, moisture and dust from entering the interior.

5. Dry the carpet in the car

Cotton and linen products on the car, such as carpets, can easily absorb moisture. Especially in humid areas and rainy seasons, it is more susceptible to moisture and mildew. Therefore, the owner recommends entrusting his family members to check the cotton and linen products on the vehicle regularly, drying them in time, and keeping them dry.

6. Gasoline fuel tank should be tightly closed

If the car is stopped for a long time, the octane number of gasoline will decrease with the loss of light components and the increase of gum content, so that its anti-knock resistance will be reduced. Therefore, the gasoline fuel tank should be tightly closed, and to avoid excessive temperature, it is recommended not to store the gasoline for too long.

7. Start the engine once a month

If the car is not used for a long time, auto beauty equipment manufacturers recommend that you entrust your family to start the engine once a month, and the car washing machine checks the operation of the engine. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, it needs to be adjusted and repaired in time.

8. Miles per week

When the owner does not use the car for a period of time, the car beauty equipment recommends that the family be entrusted to drive the car to the highway for a period of high-speed driving every week to maintain the various performance of the vehicle.

9. Always check the battery

The electrolyte level of the battery must be 10-15mm higher than the electrode plate. Distilled water should be added in time when it is insufficient. The battery should be kept full and the battery should be charged if necessary.

10. Do a good job of cleaning the inside of the engine

If the car is not used for a long time, the carbon deposits and impurities inside the engine may be too hardened and precipitated. Once it starts quickly, it may damage the engine. Therefore, it is recommended to add some daily cleaning and maintenance products when starting. .



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