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Car washing machine is a new generation of car washing tools


Car washing machine is a new generation of car washing tools. Zhicheng Auto Insurance concluded that car washing machines are divided into high-pressure car washing machines, automatic car washing machines, and self-service car washing machines. In some countries, 90% of car owners use self-service car wash machines to wash cars in the streets, communities, car stations, gas stations, hospitals, schools, etc. Automatic car washing machine car washing is a very common way of life.

In recent years, there have been some self-service car wash machine manufacturers in China, most of which are coin-operated car wash machines. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the traditional manual car washing has been gradually replaced by self-service car washing machines.

Unattended car washing machine

The so-called self-service car washer is to simply clean the vehicle by using a high-pressure water gun and other devices after the user pays coins or scans the code. Although the price is cheap, the entire process requires the user to manually clean it, but it is time to wait in line at the car wash shop to clean the vehicle. It is now time for manual car washing, even longer. Car washing is also often difficult because it is unprofessional and more likely to hurt the car. In addition, self-service car wash is not air-dried. After cleaning, water will remain in the body. If it is clean and cannot be dried in time, the dust will quickly adhere to the surface of the vehicle, and washing is equivalent to not washing.

Unattended car washing machine does not require staff on duty, nor does the user need to clean it by himself. Unattended car washing machine is an intelligent car washing terminal, which combines washing, foaming, air drying, coating and waxing in one. 24-hour unattended, self-service, one-click payment support for WeChat and other mobile terminals. Easy to use, you can select the cleaning mode in the mobile terminal. The cloud service platform supports the nationwide networked car washing service and provides a series of other value-added services, completely overturning the concept of self-service car washing machines.



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