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ZC-8600 air conditioner efficient disinfection intelligent cleaning equipment

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ZC-8600 air conditioner efficient disinfection intelligent cleaning equipment

Air conditioner cleaning switch-intelligent cleaning equipment for high efficiency disinfection of air conditioner: The automotive air conditioning system mainly uses fluorine as the medium, and the purpose of refrigeration is achieved through the change of the system pressure. It consists of an evaporator, expansion valve, compressor, blower, condenser, and drying Composed of tank and piping. When the air conditioning system is working normally, the evaporation tank is working in a cold environment, and water will be generated when it encounters the relatively hot air outside. This is also the reason for designing the water pipe in the evaporation tank structure; the wet environment of the evaporation tank and the ventilation pipe The dust on the surface provides a hotbed for the growth of molds. Molds and fungi will quickly multiply into mold and fungus clusters, producing decay odors of organisms. These odors will be mixed with the air conditioner when the air conditioner is turned on. It will make people feel uncomfortable such as halo and chest tightness, commonly known as "air conditioning disease"


Sterilization, disinfection, odor removal, evaporation tank cleaning

Ultrasonic ultra-fine atomized cleaning, atomized particles 0.03-0.05 microns. Clean any small space to achieve the effect of no holes

One-click ozone kinetic energy 3-5 minutes fog covered by the whole vehicle






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