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ZC-9800 air-conditioning efficient disinfection cleaning equipment

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New car leather, interior and other issued by the harmful gases; many cars down the production line, they directly into the market, and installed in the car, such as dashboard and other plastic parts, carpets, carpets, rubber, leather, paint And other objects have not been harmful gas release period, will directly result in air pollution inside the car.

The decoration process will undoubtedly use chemicals such as softeners, glue and the like, and surely they will release harmful gases containing formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds and the like, which inevitably causes air pollution in the vehicle. At the same time, due to the small space inside the car, airtight high, these harmful gases difficult to volatilize, thus creating a pungent "car."

Car smell of the mold produced, such as accidentally dropped in the corner of the compartment of the fruit, dessert decay mildew; spilled drinks or leaking wet seat, carpet, etc. have also become a breeding ground for the mold smell of the vehicle; also There are long-term useless shoes, clothes, etc., will be issued a difficult to ask the smell. When the air conditioner is turned on, the smells in these vehicles will circulate and spread in the compartment as the air flows, looking for new places for mold growth.

Most car owners like lemon flavor perfume seat, and most of these perfumes acidic, distributed after the air conditioning evaporator, it is easy moldy, resulting in car smell. This is why even if the car smell, then use these perfume seat, will be counterproductive to deepen the odor of the reasons

The equipment and cleaning fluid has the effect, is effective in dispelling all kinds of smell, smell, effectively degrade the car formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases. In particular, the smoker, peculiar smell, musty taste and sweat smell which disturb the people all the time can be completely removed to purify the turbid air in the vehicle and help the owner and his family stay away from diseases such as respiratory tract and lung cancer. Disinfection, dispelling the taste, and is currently the definitive recommended method of World Health Organization International Health Organization, is the only domestic most convenient, the most safe, the most thorough, the most economical and affordable disinfection, cured flavors of new technology products. After disinfection will leave a touch of fragrance taste, allowing owners to immediately experience the cleanliness after disinfection, dry, comfortable new feeling.


1, through the device to molecular liquid 0.03-0.05 microns

2, power: 250w

3, power: 220V

4, working hours controller: set working hours

5, ozone disinfection: open the ozone switch work indicator light, start work

Equipment maintenance and precautions:

1, keep the equipment clean.

2, long-term should not be liquid in the tank 1000ML liquid mother liquor discharged.

3, the device uses 220V power supply, pay attention to the use of safety.

4, ozone disinfection time of 10 minutes, open all doors open 2-3 minutes after cleaning open the construction site.




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