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ZC-6400 Sanyuan & Combustion Chamber Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment

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ZC-6400 Sanyuan & Combustion Chamber Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment

Sanyuan & Combustion Chamber Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment:

After years of technological reforms, the product technology has reached unprecedented maturity and technological perfection. The visual endoscope is more convenient to operate and more intuitive.

The car engine is the heart: after more than ten years of development of the car in the country, the impact of carbon deposition in the combustion chamber on its power and fuel consumption is far from what we imagined. The new generation of intelligent cleaning equipment is specially developed for the cleaning of the combustion chamber wall space. , Static visual cleaning three-way catalysis, reduce exhaust emissions, with a comparison function before and after taking pictures and videos.


Detailed foam

Stable -0.1Mpa

The storage bottle is made of stainless steel 316

Resistance to corrosion by 1000 chemical solvents







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