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ZC-8800 engine cleaning equipment

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ZC-8800 engine cleaning equipment


1. Make sure that the temperature of the engine for cleaning the vehicle is below 70 degrees. Use a special tool to remove the front oxygen sensor of the vehicle to be cleaned;

2. ZC-8800 is connected to AC-220 power supply and compressed air;

3. Unscrew the cleaning fluid inlet and the reducing fluid inlet bottle cap, add ternary cleaning fluid and reducing fluid respectively, and close the bottle cap;

4. Insert the endoscope camera into the hole where the oxygen sensor is removed, turn on the endoscope switch, press the display start button, view the effect before cleaning, record the effect before cleaning, turn off the endoscope switch after completion, and remove the endoscope camera;

5. Slowly insert the cleaning fluid tube into the hole to remove the oxygen sensor. When it encounters three-way catalysis, recycle the tube 3-4 cm to make the area of the sprayed cleaning agent larger. Press the cleaning switch to start cleaning. Swing the cleaning tube constantly so that the entire ternary surface can be washed.

6. After cleaning, turn off the cleaning switch and take out the cleaning fluid tube.

7. After removing the oxygen sensor hole and inserting the reducing liquid tube, the steps are the same as the cleaning process. Press the restore switch to start the restore.

8. After the restoration is complete, turn off the restoration switch,

9. After the review is completed, turn off the display start button and remove the endoscope camera from Sanyuan;

10. Connect the oxygen sensor;

11. Start the car, the car can run at idle speed for 1 minute; accelerate rapidly for 3 minutes.

Equipment maintenance and repair

1. When the equipment is not used frequently, the cleaning liquid tube, reduction tube, endoscope camera and power cord should be wrapped around the right side of the chassis to prevent wear

2. Keep the surface of the device clean.


Fully corrosion-resistant material, the effect is directly visible

Seven inch display is economical and practical

Intelligent computer version control






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