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ZC-8100 oil inlet ternary / GDI comprehensive maintenance equipment

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ZC-8100 oil inlet ternary, GDI comprehensive maintenance equipment

Intelligent cleaning equipment for oil inlet system:

Today's fuel can leave gum, tar, and sludge deposits on the inside of your engine, which can block injectors, intake valves, and throttle valves, and affect the normal operation of important engine management systems. Long-term existence of such problems will cause problems such as difficulty in starting the engine, unstable idle speed, retardation, misfire, and shock. Regular maintenance of the fuel system can ensure the correct operation of the most important functions of the engine. The clean and efficient combustion process eliminates fuel waste, reduces polluting and harmful gas emissions, and restores lost power and performance. The unique intelligent design of ZC-6100 is not restricted by the environment and site usage.


No disassembly and cleaning of fuel system

The air intake system is cleaned (cooperate with the special spray nozzle of the air intake system). Three-way catalysis, electronic control, automatic detection and cleaning of threaded joints are convenient and fast.

The inner sealing ring of the equipment cooperates with DuPont of the United States. The material is fully imported and resistant to corrosion by more than 1000 solvents and chemicals.

The sealing material at the threaded interface of the oil pipe is metal

Special pressure regulating valve, corrosion resistant to cleaning agents

Imported anti-corrosion tubing, suitable for any cleaning solvent

Special process to check valve, good air tightness

Quick filling port design, convenient and practical

Special process for vent valve.






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