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What are the advantages of computerized car washing machine visualization?


What are the advantages of computerized car washing machine visualization?

(1) Safe and reliable. The computer visualized car washing machine is controlled by the computer according to the design program, which can completely avoid personal and equipment accidents caused by manual operation.

(2) Fast and efficient. It only takes 10 minutes to manually clean the car, usually more than 20 minutes, and the computerized car cleaning equipment takes 5 minutes to wash the car. For car wash shops with large car wash, it can greatly improve car wash work. Effectiveness.

(3) Save water cost. The water consumption of computer washing machines is 10 to 12 liters, which is 10 to 20 liters more than manual car washing. If you use a car wash shop to clean 100 cars a day, save 1 to 2 tons of water every day and 300 to 700 tons of water every year. Computerized car washing equipment can also use circulating water treatment technology, which not only meets environmental protection requirements, but also saves a lot of water resources. Today, as water bills rise, you can save a lot of water bills.

(4) The labor intensity of the car washing machine can be reduced, which helps to maintain the car washing machine. At present, the vast majority of young people in their 20s are only children. Due to the low status of the car wash workers, the harsh working environment and the high labor intensity, most of them are unwilling to become car wash workers. Even if they are car wash workers, they can easily change jobs. Computer washing machine can effectively reduce labor intensity and facilitate the maintenance of car washing machine.

(5) The image of high-end computer automated car washing machine will help attract customers. Manual car washing can easily lead to a dirty environment, giving the owner a poor image, and a computer car washing machine giving the owner a high-end image will help attract car owners, especially high-end car owners, to wash the car to stimulate sales and develop other fine products.电脑洗车机


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