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Car maintenance equipment manufacturers have analyzed the common car maintenance misunderstandings, have you taken the trick?


Car maintenance equipment manufacturers have analyzed the common car maintenance misunderstandings, have you taken the trick?

Many car owners have their own car maintenance experience, but in fact, if the maintenance is not correct, it will often seriously increase the damage of the car. Automobile maintenance equipment manufacturer Zhicheng Automobile will explain to you that those maintenance habits are wrong.

1. Car maintenance equipment car washing-avoid washing in the hot sun, and avoid the whole body washing

Some people think that car washing is not a simple matter. In fact, it seems simple, but it is complicated to do. Do you like to wash your car in the sun, especially in the summer? It will be dry after washing the car. In fact, this is very incorrect. Washing the car under the hot sun will cause the surface temperature of the car to rise sharply. Car paint loses its luster, and in severe cases, it will fall off. Others like to wash the whole body while washing the car, thinking that it is the cleanest, but the consequence is that the car is clean and the air conditioner is also suffering. After the air conditioner gets wet, the life will be greatly reduced. So friends who like body washing are better to pay attention.

Second, waxing-do not expose to the sun, do not paint circle by circle

Do you like waxing in the hot sun? If you like, you can see if you are unevenly waxed, so when waxing, you should be in a cool place, not exposed to the sun, and the way of waxing. Painting circle by circle, so that it is easy to see that the surface of the waxed car looks like a "crop circle" one by one. Car maintenance equipment should be waxed in a straight line, so as to ensure the effect.

Three, engine oil-do not add too much too full

When changing oil in car maintenance, some people like to add more oil, fearing that the oil is not enough, in fact, you do n’t know that too much oil will cause the engine to malfunction, and there will be obvious frustration or weak acceleration, increasing fuel consumption, so add As long as the engine oil is kept, keep it between the upper and lower graduation lines of the oil dipstick, and do not add too much engine oil.

Four, bolt belt-do not be too tight

If you tighten the bolt too tightly, it is estimated that the probability of deformation of your bolt will increase a lot. It is just right if it is not tight. The same is true for belts. Over-tight belts will increase the load on the bearings and deform the belts. If it is not long, you will have to replace one, increasing maintenance costs.

5. Tyres-do not blindly pursue imports

Do n’t think that as long as you use the word “import”, you ’re using something good. Know that the imports are designed for the road conditions of other countries, and there are many types of tires, such as winter tires, summer tires, and all-terrain tires. Road tires, mud tires, snow tires, rain forest tires, climbing tires, desert tires, etc., should be installed according to your own actual situation, according to local conditions, different from car to car, just blindly pursue imports, be careful. " "Unacceptable", let your imported tires "into the hospital"!

Sixth, the battery-it should be charged when it is bought

Many people think that the battery of a car is the same as that of an electric car. It does not need to be charged when it is bought. In fact, the battery of a car should be charged when it is bought. If it is used without charging, because the capacity of the battery itself is not high, It will affect the service life of the battery, so the car you just bought needs to charge your battery.

7. Modifications-Modifications that increase the risk must not

After buying a car, some people like to modify it or add some equipment and accessories to the car, but some incorrect modifications will not only increase the charm of your car, but also affect driving safety. For example, accessories on the front windshield and seats will distract your attention due to the bumpy rolling of the car. Some large objects may even affect your sight. Sharp objects may fall and hurt you. So it is recommended not to put these things on the car. Therefore, it must be properly modified to avoid danger.

8. Hot car-driving slowly, the effect of hot car is better

It must be hot in winter. It is estimated that many teachers tell novices this way, but is it hot in place or slowly? You do n’t know this! In-situ hot cars not only have a bad effect but also accelerate the aging of parts. If you want to heat up the car quickly, it should be that after the car starts, as long as the oil lamp goes out, slowly move forward. . In this case, the hot car effect will be very good.汽车保养设备


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