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ZC-9400 five-in-one comprehensive maintenance equipment

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ZC-9400 five-in-one comprehensive maintenance equipment

Gasoline combustion will leave gums, tar and sludge deposits on the inside of the engine to block the injectors, intake valve and throttle valve, and affect the normal operation of important engine sensors. Long-term existence of such problems will lead to difficulties in starting the engine, unstable idling, retardation, misfire, tremor and other problems. Regular maintenance of the fuel system can ensure the normal operation of the most important functions of the engine. The clean and efficient combustion process eliminates fuel waste, reduces pollutant and harmful gas emissions, and restores lost power and performance.


No disassembly and cleaning of fuel system

Air intake system cleaning | Cooperate with the special spray nozzle of the air intake system

Three-way catalytic intelligent flow regulation

Oily / water-based cleaning

The sealing material at the threaded interface of the tubing is a special material

Special pressure regulating valve, resistant to cleaning agent corrosion

Imported corrosion-resistant tubing, suitable for any cleaning solvent

Special process for check valve, good air tightness

Quick filling port design, convenient and practical

Special process of intake valve





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