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The four impacts of the new car inspection policy on the auto modification industry


According to the "Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Inspection Work of Motor Vehicles" publicly released by the Ministry of Public Security and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, the exemption of non-operating and other small and micro passenger cars within 6 years from September 1st, 2014 system. During this period, after providing proof of strong insurance, vehicle tax payment or tax exemption certificate every 2 years, the vehicle owner can directly apply for the inspection mark to the public security traffic control department. The release of this policy immediately caused an uproar in the auto modification industry, and everyone issued many positive responses to the introduction of this policy.

The introduction of the new car inspection policy has broken many of the shortcomings that have existed in the car inspection process for many years. In fact, since the representatives of the two sessions of the country proposed to cancel the annual inspection of private cars, there have been constant comments from the media or online celebrities about the current annual inspection system . For example, the Sina Weibo celebrity "workbook" had some time ago, "the car inspection department was banned. It was almost useless. If you do n’t find an agent, the car is all wrong, just spend money and repair it. You spend a hundred to find an agent. "I don't care about you if the car has no lights".

The introduction of the new policy on vehicle inspection allows us to see the government ’s feedback on the people ’s voice. The adjustment of the new policy on vehicle inspection is a manifestation of the country ’s policy on the automobile industry. The policy continues to look forward to

For car owners, the adjustment of the new car inspection policy not only provides car owners with convenience, saves a lot of money and time, but the most important thing is to further stimulate consumption in the car after-vehicle inspection equipment market and modified market. Has an impact on the development of the entire industry:

1. Exemption of new cars will allow some 4S store sales companies to carry out some installations or modifications on the vehicles that do not affect safety before selling, while increasing the profit margin of sales and satisfying more and more personalized users. demand. For example, the Baile Le Mans version of the Beijing Baile Group mainly upgrades and sells some of the Group ’s 4S stores, which undoubtedly provides greater convenience and space for the four S stores;

Second, the New Deal will play a comprehensive role in promoting the modification of tire wheels. No car inspection for 6 years. For car owners, there is no need to consider the problem of vehicle inspection and restoration in the first 6 years. In the modified industry in developed countries, the proportion of modified wheels accounts for 75% of the overall, and the replacement of high-quality wheels for automotive testing equipment can not only improve the overall appearance of the car, but also improve safety, while lightweight wheels can also save fuel and improve The role of manipulation is, of course, the premise is that you must choose genuine wheels and carry out professional construction in a professional store.

3. The new policy of vehicle inspection has a significant impact on some personalized modifications that do not affect the safety performance of the vehicle and do not violate the appearance modification regulations. Such as the appearance of small enclosures, interior modification, lighting and sound modification have a certain promotion effect, which has a profound significance for stimulating the consumption of the automobile aftermarket and modification;

4. According to the new regulations, if a vehicle has a major accident due to failure to meet safety standards, it will strictly check the inspection situation of the inspection agency. This regulation will stimulate the service level of the conversion industry to develop towards standardization and specialization. For the counterparts in the refitting industry, vehicle refitting is also responsible for safety. During the refitting process, it is not only responsible for the quality of the refitted parts, but also for the quality of the installation and construction. In addition to this, the operator can only complete the modification after carrying out the safety inspection of the vehicle and educating the owner. If you want to keep the industry healthy and sustainable development, you must rely on everyone in the industry and every modified car fan to jointly maintain the environment for changing cars and playing cars. Car maintenance equipment creates a good atmosphere for refusing racing and advocating safety.

The above impact on the modification industry is based on the 6-year non-annual inspection of new cars. For many people who play modified cars, only a few of them have been modified for 6 years. Before the vehicles are sold and resold, they may be changed back to the prototype. This is good news.

But for some players who play classic cars or more than 6 years, they will face an annual inspection. Although the process is simple, the inspection requirements will be strictly implemented. In this process, there may be some problems that cannot be checked, but this is a common problem faced by old cars, not the result of modification. For the modification of models of more than 6 years, it is only recommended to improve performance in terms of braking and suspension. The metal ternary can be replaced in the exhaust to ensure the environmental protection effect. At the same time, the exhaust can be smoother at high speeds Certain energy saving effect.

In China's previous car inspection policy, there were indeed many problems such as unauthorized charging, scalper inspection, and corruption. Therefore, reforms will be carried out. However, the reform of the network believes that car inspection cannot be completely cancelled at once. After all, car safety affects public safety. The vehicle testing system should conform to social development. For example, car maintenance equipment testing should be handed over to the 4S shop, or to the insurance company to complete as required, so that vehicles that have not passed the test cannot be insured, and all risks need to be borne by themselves. At the same time, those responsible for traffic accidents due to unsatisfactory testing of safety technology shall be held accountable by the persons responsible. By facilitating the owner and increasing the cost of illegality, the owner is encouraged to actively detect the vehicle like a physical examination.汽车检测设备


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