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How to quickly increase the turnover of car repair shops?


At present, car maintenance stores and auto repair shops have opened more and more, and some of them have lived particularly well, but most of the stores have not reached the state of operation. The following are some suggestions and experiences for improving car maintenance stores.

1. Improve the image of the store

People rely on clothing, Buddha relies on gold, and store image is an element of DI to improve performance. Because the owner cannot judge the quality of the service from a technical point of view, most people will judge the quality of the service and maintenance of the store based on the store's image, decoration, cleanliness, equipment, employee clothing, reception etiquette and other conditions. Therefore, as a store operator, if the performance is not good, you must look at the upgrade of your smart car washing equipment and the external image to give people a sense of trust from the perspective of customers.

Second, provide quality assurance and service commitment

This is particularly important for small and medium-sized car maintenance and repair shops that do not have much brand effect. Basic facilities such as car washing equipment give customers a assured quality commitment, such as "how long does it take to replace the problem" and other service terms, and Post these terms in a prominent place in the store, and add this message to all publicity. Will greatly increase the confidence of customers, and if there is a problem, we must fulfill the commitment, which is actually a better word-of-mouth publicity for the enterprise.

Third, take the initiative to do well in the mining and maintenance of customers in surrounding communities

When you open a store, you should not wait for customers to come to the store. When the shop is not busy, you can arrange a clerk with employee clothing. Go to the surroundings to distribute promotional pages, or do some promotional information on the Internet or WeChat circles. There are even some free promotional activities, such as launching free car wash activities for surrounding customers on holidays, and building a good relationship with the surrounding community residents, which will be conducive to the stability of store performance.

4. Establish customer files

For the surrounding car owners and customers, as much as possible to establish certain file data, such as the car model, the common problems of the car model, pay attention to maintenance matters, and maintenance amount. This set of data is equivalent to refined management of the owner's car. Let the owner realize that you know his car well. In this way, we provide targeted long-term maintenance and repair solutions for intelligent car maintenance equipment.

Fifth, do a good job of internal full-time division of labor and assessment

The internal work can be subdivided from the perspectives of marketing, business reception, housekeeping, and work evaluation, which can help each department perform its duties and strengthen management and performance evaluation. A small number of people can take up more than one job. But there must be a clear division of labor, which improves the execution efficiency of the entire store. Because all the achievements require the strong execution of people to complete.



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