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7 tips for car maintenance to keep your car away from exposure to oxidative damage.


On a hot summer day, I believe that many car owners share this feeling: as long as the car is left in the open air for a period of time, and then open the door, it will feel the heat wave, the temperature inside the car makes people dare not approach. As the temperature continues to rise, the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun are getting stronger. Owners want to create a cool world in the car, in addition to full air conditioning, what better sun protection tricks?

1. Sealing glaze: Sealing glaze is like putting "sunscreen" on a car. Because the glaze itself is a polymer body paint care agent containing a UV reflecting agent and a curing agent containing special ingredients, as long as the car is sealed with glaze, it can achieve high temperature resistance and UV resistance by penetrating the car paint surface , Anti-fading, anti-oxidation, etc.

2. Waxing: waxing the paint surface of the car can protect the sun from a certain effect.

3. Use a special set for car sunscreen: This is like wearing a sunscreen for your car. It may be more troublesome to use and not so beautiful, but the sunscreen effect is good.

4. It is recommended to park in the garage when parking: if there is no garage, try to pick up a shaded place to minimize heat radiation.

5. Buy a sunshade in the car: the cost is relatively low, it can also reduce the temperature in the car to a certain extent, and it can effectively prevent the aging of the dial after sun exposure.

6. Configure cooling pads in the car.

7. Clean the surface of the car body in time: frequent activities of mosquitoes and flying birds in summer, it is easy to leave eggs and feces on the car body, and under the sun, it will cause great oxidative damage to the surface of the car body, so it should be cleaned in time, but General clean water is difficult to clean. It is recommended to use a special car cleaning agent for cleaning-such as car surface cleaning agent, the product adopts green environmental protection water-based formula, with car cleaning equipment to efficiently remove the surface of the car body and various parts of metal, rubber, plastic and glass Various kinds of stains such as oil sludge, asphalt, grease, adhesives, water stains, insect bodies, flying bird feces, dust and so on. No damage to the paint surface of the car body, harming the human body and the environment.汽车清洗剂


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