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Car maintenance equipment manufacturers share tips for car rust prevention


Car maintenance equipment manufacturers today will share with you daily tips for daily car rust prevention. Thousands of miles of dike, destroyed by ant den. If you don't pay attention to the small rust, it will soon grow to the point where you exceed what you imagine. Therefore, to deal with the rust in time, the following car cleaning equipment expert-Zhicheng Automobile will introduce 6 great tricks to help you remove rust.

1. Be alert for small scars.

Corrosion often occurs on the surface of the car paint. In addition to common collisions and scratches, small stones that bounce off the tires when driving hit the paint surface, and the paint surface will show small spots that will peel off after a long time. Small rust spots. These small scars are easily overlooked because they are mostly inconspicuous. Therefore, car maintenance equipment manufacturers recommend regular inspection of the car body, engine compartment cover and body around. Once found, they should be treated in a professional beauty shop in time.

2. Check the humidity in the place where water accumulates frequently.

Some gaps such as the bottom of the car body and the floor of the car are easy to accumulate sludge. If the owner does not use the car cleaning agent to clean the car washing machine in time, this will allow the moisture to be hidden. Therefore, for the inner and outer edges of the wheel hub, the door, the bottom corner of the trunk, the door key hole and the movable part of the wiper frame, etc., it is necessary to carry out frequent inspections, and at the same time, keep the drain holes of the door and body parts unblocked, and check the interior coverings Humidity, such as carpets, etc., to prevent rusting of floor components.

3. The soft lacquer surface is used as sealing glaze.

Some vehicles with soft lacquered surfaces may also cause fine scratches when the sand particles hit the body during high-speed driving. For this type of car, the body can be glazed, which can form a net-shaped firm protective film, improve the hardness of the paint surface, and the effect can be maintained for about a year. The coating can also achieve a similar effect. In addition, the bottom of the vehicle can be armored or sealed with plastic, which can protect the chassis from acid rain and corrosion, make the original protective layer not easy to dry and fall off, and also prevent the impact of small stones on the chassis during driving.

4. It is recommended not to cover the car clothing.

Car maintenance product manufacturers believe that if the vehicle is parked outdoors, if the weather is windy and rainy, the inner layer of the car body will repeatedly hit the car paint, especially if the sand is blown into the car body, it will be on the body Countless small scratches are drawn, and the paint surface will become black for a long time. In addition, do not use a duster or rag to clean the sand particles on the body directly after the wind and sand. Instead, the car washing machine should be washed with clean water to prevent the sand particles on the duster and rag from scratching the paint surface.

5. The touch-up pen can handle the marks.

If the corrosion is not very serious, you can first use a very fine water sandpaper dipped in water to gently grind off the rust spots, but do not rub it in any direction, and polish it in the same direction. After wiping completely, apply a coat of primer. For new scratches, apply primer directly after wiping. After that, if the vehicle is equipped with a small can of original paint, you can wait for the primer to dry, and then smooth it with water sandpaper to apply the original paint on top of the primer. If you don't have the original paint, you can buy a touch-up paint pen and use it to paint. Although this kind of treatment is not as good as going to the beauty shop, if it is small or not visible, it can also prevent rust from expanding and aggravating.

6. Toothpaste can temporarily prevent rust.

Car maintenance equipment manufacturers recommend that when new small scars are found, gently apply toothpaste to the scratches. Don't forget to apply it again after rain or car wash. This generally reduces scratch marks, and can also simply isolate it to prevent rust, which is fine in the short term. Especially the white car paint has the most obvious effect.



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