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What is the car maintenance equipment and customer satisfaction that 4S stores are concerned about?


Generally speaking, customer satisfaction refers to the feeling state of pleasure or disappointment formed by customers after comparing their perceptible effects on products or services with customer expectations. If the perceived effect is lower than the expectation, the customer will be dissatisfied; if the perceived effect matches the expectation, the customer will be satisfied; if the perceived effect exceeds the expectation, the customer will be highly satisfied or happy. Automobile 4S stores and as a service to the automotive aftermarket, we must fully understand and understand customers in order to truly serve customers, so that the service can meet the needs of customers and provide satisfactory services, which in turn makes them feel satisfied and win the hearts of customers .

How to track surveys and measure customer satisfaction?

There are currently four ways for auto 4S stores to explore customer satisfaction:

A kind of complaint and suggestion system. A customer-centric automobile 4S store should provide its customers with a smooth channel for complaints and suggestions. Some customer-oriented companies, such as FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, Guangzhou Honda, etc., have set up free customer hotlines, and added channels such as websites and e-mail to facilitate two-way communication with customers.

The second type, pretending to be consumers, is what we often say: "mysterious customer". Companies can hire some people, pretend to be customers, and experience the advantages and disadvantages they find during the purchase of products and services of the company and its competitors. These pretended consumers can even deliberately ask questions or create troubles to test whether the company's service staff can handle them properly. Company managers should also often go out of the office, enter the actual service environment of companies and competitors they are not familiar with, and experience for themselves

The treatment received as a "customer". Managers can also call their company, raise various questions and complaints, and see how their employees handle such calls.

Third, analyze lost customers. For those customers who have stopped spending or turned to another dealer, the company may wish to contact them and listen to their voices to understand the reason for this situation. Automobile 4S stores not only have to talk to those lost customers, but also must monitor the rate of lost customers.

The fourth is customer satisfaction survey. Some studies have shown that customers will be dissatisfied once every 4 times, and less than 5% of unsatisfied customers will complain. Most unsatisfied customers will turn to other dealers. Sensitive dealers directly measure customer satisfaction through regular surveys. When collecting information about customer satisfaction, they ask some other questions to understand the customer's willingness to re-consume, and measure whether the customer is willing to recommend the company and its brand to others.

Careful readers have read the above four methods to explore customer satisfaction and it is not difficult to find that the first three methods can be implemented by the company itself, but the fourth method is not. why? The reason is very simple. After establishing a complaint and suggestion system, pretending to secretly purchase consumers or flying inspections, analyzing and monitoring customer churn, 4S auto stores found that 85% of our customers said they were very satisfied. As a result, the regional manager of the car manufacturer found that other dealers in the region have reached 95% customer satisfaction, and have already moved towards 97% customer satisfaction, 85% customer satisfaction is clearly not enough to show off. Therefore, in addition to tracking customer satisfaction, dealers also need to monitor the customer satisfaction of their competitors on a regional basis. This requires an authoritative third-party customer satisfaction survey agency to regularly issue indexes with consistent statistical calibers in various industries, brands, regions, and distributors to measure brands, regions, and distribution The quality and service level of the car maintenance equipment of the manufacturer.

Third-party investigation agency

There are many well-known third-party investigation agencies in the world, such as J.D. Power, AC Nielsen, TNS, Gallup, I DC, Ipsos and so on. These survey agencies have their own target markets, J.D. Power is mainly aimed at the automotive market; AC Nielsen focuses on the advertising market; Gallup is good at opinion polls; IDC leads the market survey of the information industry; Ipsos is focused on pre-advertising testing.

As far as the automotive industry is concerned, the most important third-party investigation agency is undoubtedly J.D. Power. The founder of JD Power, JD Dave Power, recognized an important issue during his time as a senior market investigator at GM: At that time, managers of American companies were used to adapting various survey reports to their needs, otherwise they would require repeated adjustments The report, until the final result is consistent with their expected results, and the companies investing in the investigation often do not seriously digest and improve the problems raised in the research report. In 1968, J. D. Dave Power founded J. D. Power to specialize in investigation and research work. In 1971, the executives of American auto companies began to pay attention to the J. D. Power investigation report. Now the J. D. Power investigation report has become an indispensable basis for the daily operations of automobile manufacturers and service providers. J. D. Power mainly has four kinds of survey reports: new car quality (IQS), after-sales satisfaction (CSI), automotive performance and operation and design survey (APEAL), and sales satisfaction (SSI).

Customer Satisfaction Index

In addition to J.D. Power ’s investigation report, there are several investigation reports that require further understanding. In addition to using JD Power's investigation report as one of the basis for operation, car manufacturers also need to hire other third-party investigation companies to issue investigation reports for their dealers (4S stores), such as FAW Volkswagen commissioned Xinhuaxin investigation company, Shanghai General Motors commissioned Sino Research investigates the satisfaction of its customers spending in its 4S stores.

Generally speaking, a car 4S shop can access a total of 5 customer satisfaction survey reports in two aspects, namely JD Power's after-sale satisfaction (CSI) and sales satisfaction (SSI) reports; a third party entrusted by the car manufacturer The company's customer satisfaction reports include customer satisfaction survey (CSS), customer satisfaction index (CSI) and sales satisfaction (SSI) reports.

Focusing on our car maintenance equipment maintenance service in car 4S stores, our car testing equipment will focus on research-the customer satisfaction survey (CSS) report issued by a third-party survey company commissioned by the car manufacturer; it is also the most suitable for car 4S store improvement The key report of customer satisfaction!

Customer satisfaction survey (CSS) architecture

Index design of CSS research system

The CSS satisfaction survey system has three parts of indicator design, namely the loyalty part, the MOT part, and the auxiliary indicator part.

The loyalty part contains 4 indicators: overall satisfaction, recommending dealers, patronizing dealers again, and dealer advantages.

The MOT part includes 10 MOT points;

Through research, it is found that the key to the problem lies in the auxiliary indicators! And that is the 10 MOT points! The total score of the 4S shop in each CSS report is the weighted average of the scores of 10 MOT points!

In short, CSS includes 4 loyalty indicators, 6 links and 25 auxiliary indicators with 10 MOT points.

The 10 MOT points are like the "ten marshals" under the commander-in-chief of the Highland Warfare of Customer Satisfaction. The two MOTs with a weight of 17.5% are undoubtedly the commander's left and right hands. They are indispensable, otherwise they are disabled. The first to capture the thief, car maintenance equipment car 4S shop to improve customer satisfaction is first of all to do "correctly complete maintenance work" to achieve "without repeated maintenance."

If the above two are already good, then consider playing the "three major battles": work hard to "explain the upcoming work", "interpretation of maintenance or maintenance items or settlement list", "when sending the car Waiting time and waiting time when picking up the car "

If there is no problem with the five items listed above, the next focus is to make good use of the "Four King Kongs": the main focus is on "providing alternative transportation", "friendliness of service personnel", "concerning and expecting content from customers "Response", automotive testing equipment "repair work value for money" four tasks.

If you have more energy, you may wish to improve the service level of "Contact After Repair".



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