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Zhuhai Zhicheng Automobile Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sales service of auto dismantling cleaning equipment, maintenance equipment and testing instruments. The product line comprehensively covers nine systems of gasoline fuel, diesel fuel, combustion chamber, gearbox, power steering, lubrication, cooling, air conditioning, and braking; as many as more than forty cleaning, maintenance, and testing equipment.

    The company's products have passed IS09001-2008 certification. After participating in many auto insurance exhibitions and expos hosted by industry associations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. in China, Zhuhai Zhicheng began to actively go abroad, face the international market, and went to Russia, Germany and Frankfurt, Hong Kong and other countries and regions participated in the industry exchange fair. With excellent and stable performance and reliable product quality, they were unanimously praised by participating customers, which won a good reputation for the brand to enter the international market. Into a fast-growing growth path.

    Relying on the opportunity of the rapid development of the Chinese automotive aftermarket, and the implementation of strict product quality testing standards, humanized and refined after-sales service experience, and fast and stable logistics cooperation platform, Zhuhai Zhicheng Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. National ) Distributors and agencies exceeded 1,000, covering all provinces and municipalities in China including Tibet, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, and serving more than 5,000 4S stores, maintenance plants and Car maintenance chain brand.

    Zhuhai Zhicheng Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. has a research and development team that has obtained a number of scientific and technological patent products, efficient and precise parts and assembly production lines, implements strict ISO9001 quality management system standards, and complete after-sales service solutions. Adhering to the professional and dedicated development concept, intensive cultivation and ambitious. Actively promote the R & D and upgrade of automobile maintenance equipment, adhere to the development path of green, environmental protection, convenience, low consumption and high efficiency, and make it the core value of the enterprise.

   Technology serves life, collaboration creates value!

We will continue to provide better products and services to serve the automotive industry together with our customers

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Zhuhai Zhicheng Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. looking forward to partners

1. Have a certain business background and business experience, familiar with the local market

2. Have a certain economic entity and investment strength, and have a good reputation

3. Have entrepreneurial enthusiasm dedicated to the business of Zhicheng Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd., dedicated, dedicated and progressive

4. Understand and trust Zhicheng Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. to reach a consensus on business philosophy and development ideas

5. Have a correct understanding and adequate psychological preparation for the two sides of investment risk and return

6. With legal person qualification or legal business qualification

7. Willing to pay deposit. (Refunded when the cooperation is terminated)

8. Willing to pay brand service fees and terminal promotion fees according to standards

9. Learn more about the project

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