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Car rubber parts in summer-tire belt maintenance


Zhicheng Automobile, a car maintenance equipment manufacturer, reminds car owners to pay attention to rubber product maintenance in summer, because tires, belts, steering parts, etc. that contain rubber components are prone to fatigue, aging and brittle problems under hot and high temperatures, causing serious problems. accident. Therefore, it is very necessary for the car tire washing machine to regularly check, clean and maintain the tires.

1. Cleaning of car tire washing machine to prevent tire puncture caused by tire aging

It is believed that tire explosions or traffic accidents caused by failure to replace tires in time after aging are often heard. The most effective way to avoid incidents is to promptly check and replace the aging tires.

The main material of the tire is rubber, and the rubber product has a certain service life. According to the official statement of the tire manufacturer, the life of the tire should generally be within two years or the vehicle has traveled 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers.

Tires should be inspected on a regular basis and cleaned regularly with a car foam cleaner. Especially the long-term driving conditions of car owners are relatively bad. This work is crucial and cannot be ignored. After all, poor driving conditions have a serious impact on the life of the tires. In this special case, the owner needs to carry out regular inspections on the tires. If it is found that the tires have worn to the limit warning mark or there is a bulge on the sidewall, it is recommended that the owner should replace the tires in time.

In addition to tire puncture caused by tire aging, incorrect tire pressure is also an important cause of tire puncture. Therefore, the owner should also develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure of the tire. In addition, it is recommended that the owner equip himself with a simple tire pressure gauge to detect the tire pressure of 4 tires every 1 month, and use a foam cleaner to cooperate with the automobile tire cleaning machine. Regular inspection and cleaning can make the owner have a bottom in his mind.

Second, the timing belt cracks can not be ignored

The timing belt is made of rubber. It will gradually deteriorate with the increase of engine working time. The vehicle generally runs to about 80,000 kilometers or within 2 to 4 years (the specific replacement cycle depends on the manufacturer's regulations). Suitable. If the timing belt is worn out, cracked or deformed due to aging, and the owner does not replace it in time, the consequences will not only cause damage to the engine parts and cost the owner an expensive maintenance cost, but also cause life-threatening things.

In addition, it is particularly reminded that owners who only drive more than 10,000 kilometers per year will often only pay attention to the number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle and ignore the replacement cycle of the timing belt (if the driving time is less, then five years of driving even if there is no mileage to be replaced It is also necessary to replace it to avoid the rupture of the timing belt caused by aging), which eventually leads to the phenomenon that the timing belt is used for too long and is not replaced in time. The consequences of this small negligence can be imagined.

Once the timing belt is damaged, the valve and ignition will stop working, the engine will not work, and in serious cases, the valve rod will be bent, the piston crown will be bumped, and the cylinder head will be damaged in severe cases, as long as this When this happens, the engine needs to be overhauled, and this overhaul will cost the economy even more.



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