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Benefits of self-service car wash machine


Foam cleaning of car washing equipment is to chemically transform, dissolve and strip surface contaminants or coatings on the body surface by professional neutral car washing liquid to achieve the effect of degreasing and descaling. Many car owners attribute car detergents, essential oils and car wash liquids to their washing products. There is no difference between car detergents and detergents and special car wash fluids. In fact, this concept is wrong, it will damage the paint. Due to the degreasing properties of household and industrial detergents and car wax to remove body stains, car paint will lose the protection of car wax on the surface of the car. Secondly, the strong alkali and acidity of some car detergents will corrode the rubber protective strip of the car, making it tarnished, elastic and even cracked. Therefore, it is impossible to replace the special car wash with detergent and washing spirit. In order to protect the paint, professional neutral car wash liquid should be used for car washing. The PH value is between 6.5 and 7.5, which will not erode the surface of the car body. It can also give the car body a moisturizing and maintenance effect to protect the car paint.



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